Entertainment Value

I had to be at church early yesterday to practice some music for the service. I brought Elijah and Martha with me, leaving Z at home to come later with Daddy. When we were done practicing in the sanctuary the other singers and I headed into the choir room to practice different music. I left Elijah and two other girls from church with Martha in the sanctuary and told Elijah to entertain her until I came back.

I came out, and Elijah had indeed entertained his sister. They did so by unpacking my purse and spreading the contents out across the pew. Maxi-pads, Martha’s underpants, Preperation-H wipes, lip balm, checkbook, and random garbage, all spread across the front pew. Thank you, Elijah. Thank you so much.


Happy Day Express

This morning Elijah was singing a song to himself- “We’re going to the Mansion on the Happy Day Express, the letters on the engine are J-E-S-U-S…” and so on. He asked me, “Mom, what do those letters spell?” so we wrote them out and read the word- Jesus.

“Oh,” he snorted “That’s random” and went back to singing his song.

Acting skills

Martha has been hard at work potty training today, and Elijah has been her dutiful audience (cause, you know, Elijah is the ONLY one who matters!). He has cheered her for every potty visit, told her how beautiful her Dora undies are, and when she got into her new Dora pjs she immediately ran to show him.

He said “Oooh, those are nice!” I said “I’m so glad you’re such a good brother, its hard to act excited over some things, isn’t it?” Elijah replied “Not for me! I’m a really good actor!”