Parents aren’t immune

My mother is a total prohibitionist. No drinking, no drugs, no cigarettes. Her brother is a super burn-out and it really affected her growing up, so she has always been very clear on her stance for our family.

The other day she posted a picture on facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen it- Barbie at 50? I called her up as soon as I saw it “Mom, what the heck are you thinking posting that picture?!” She totally didn’t understand my confusion, she said it was funny, Fat Barbie with droopy boobs.

Yep, she totally missed the fact that the background of the pic was pot leaves and Barbie was NOT smoking a Camel light, it was a big old joint. Good job Mom, good job.


Laundry waits for no woman.

Despite (or maybe because of)┬áthe fact that everyone in the house has bronchitis/pneumonia the laundry mountain keeps growing, and the daily loads need to be done. Today while I was folding the laundry at the table, Martha took the role of supervisor. Apparently I did okay, because when I was done she clapped her hands and said “Yay Mumma, good job! Me you high five!” Its a good day when a 2yo approves of your laundry skills.

My favorite Kid

Our local Dairy Bar opened yesterday, and even though we still have many, many feet of snow (for real) we took all the kids to get a treat today. Martha and Z got twists, Elijah got a cone of cotton candy, and Daddy and I got ours. Martha and Elijah dug in with serious enthusiasm, but Z wasn’t so sure. I finally got a spoonful into him, but all other tried were met with “Noooooo! I don’t wannit”

I took one for the team and ate his too. New. Favorite. Kid.