Cry baby

I was fake crying today because tomorrow night is the season finale of Downton Abbey. Martha ran off to find her father yelling “DAAAAAAD Mamma ky-ing!” Meanwhile, Elijah gave me a sideways look and said “Mom, a TV show is not really a good thing to cry over.”

I get so much sympathy.



Miss Martha, 2 year old queen of the world, is on a sleep strike. She and I were watching some late night TV and Hoarders came on. She watched the intro scenes, and whispered quietly to herself “Wow, big mess”. Understatement of the year, kid.

Run Mamma, run!

We finally took the plunge and mounted our TV on the wall. Now that the TV stand is out of the way there is a huge space, begging for something to fill it in. Elijah was super excited and said “Now we can put out the trampoline all the time!” Seeing the doubt on my face, he quickly came up with a plan B- “Or you can put the treadmill there so you could use it once and a while!”

Gee thanks kid, come here, let me show you my appreciation…

Squeaky Clean

After Elijah’s shower he told me he is all out of shampoo. I checked, and the entire bottle is empty. It was a GIANT bottle, and I bought it a little less than a month ago. He is 5, super doooper tiny, and BALD how is all the shampoo gone?! He said “I have to make sure I’m all clean Mom!”

My mother thinks its hilarious that karma is chewing my bum now. But at least I had (have) hair!

The plague

Martha is kindasorta potty training. She spent the morning alternating between sitting on her potty watching Daniel Tiger, and standing up, bending over the potty, and making retching noises and spitting. She then (every time) proudly says- “I poooked!” Apparently being the only person in the house who didn’t get the stomach bug going around has her feeling left out.

Good Morning!

This morning was life as usual. Got up, got kids up, downstairs, made coffee, let dog out. When I came back inside Martha was crouched down on the heat vent CHUGGING the coffee creamer. She drank half a bottle of Italian Sweet Cream. When I came in she looked at me and said “Mmmmm, coffee!”

She now has a serious sugar buzz going.