Acting skills

Martha has been hard at work potty training today, and Elijah has been her dutiful audience (cause, you know, Elijah is the ONLY one who matters!). He has cheered her for every potty visit, told her how beautiful her Dora undies are, and when she got into her new Dora pjs she immediately ran to show him.

He said “Oooh, those are nice!” I said “I’m so glad you’re such a good brother, its hard to act excited over some things, isn’t it?” Elijah replied “Not for me! I’m a really good actor!”


The plague

Martha is kindasorta potty training. She spent the morning alternating between sitting on her potty watching Daniel Tiger, and standing up, bending over the potty, and making retching noises and spitting. She then (every time) proudly says- “I poooked!” Apparently being the only person in the house who didn’t get the stomach bug going around has her feeling left out.